5 Reasons To Choose Barbados As Your Holiday Home Destination

It is not hard to compile a list of reasons as to why Barbados makes the perfect destination in which to invest in a holiday home. What is difficult is curtailing a list to only five reasons. That said, here are five of the best. Meanwhile, to discover even more you can do so by exploring the Visit Barbados website.

The weather and Climate
Suffice to say, nobody travels to the UK for its weather. In fact, and as reported via the BBC News website: it is estimated that ‘vitamin D deficiency is likely to affect at least half the UK’s white population, up to 90% of the multi-ethnic population and a quarter of all children living in Britain’ thanks entirely to the British climate.
In contrast, Barbados enjoys year round sun and warm weather with average daytime temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius and over 3000 hours of sunshine annually, according to Barbados.org. Hence, for any Brit dreaming of catching some rays whatever the season or time of year and as well giving their health and vitamin D levels a much needed boost, Barbados makes the perfect place to buy a holiday home.
The scenery, Landscapes and Natural Beauty
One of the world’s most beautiful countries when it comes to thinking of a real life paradise, Barbados really is it. A coral island, it has some of the finest beaches the whole world has to offer. In particular, Crane Beach, which is voted one of the best beaches in the world according to the Trip Advisor travel website.
Meanwhile, the island is also home to a plethora of scenic hills and natural countryside, caves, gullies, underground lakes and exciting terrain and landscapes to explore and enjoy thanks to the fact that the country was formed by undersea volcanic activity.
To discover more about Barbados what you can enjoy whilst there you can do so by heading over to the Telegraph Newspaper website and viewing their guide: 20 Reasons to Visit Barbados.
The Price of Life in Paradise
Buying a holiday home in Barbados might be more affordable than you suppose. This is especially true if like thousands of Brits you are willing to consider fractional ownership to turn your dream of owning a Barbados holiday home into a reality. To learn more about what fractional ownership involves and means as well as discover what Brits opting for holiday homes in Barbados stand to buy, head over to the Royal Westmoreland website.
Meanwhile, it is not only the cost of housing in Barbados’s Capital and also its largest city, Bridgetown that is considerably cheaper than that buyable in London, England; the general cost of living in Bridgetown is 23% cheaper than in London according to 2016 figures and data collected and provided via the Expatistan website.
The Shopping
Despite the fact that Barbados ranks slightly more expensive when it comes to the cost of groceries and food, Bridgetown specifically is also home to the famous Lime Grove Shopping Centre where shoppers ‘benefit from duty-free shopping on items such as clothing, cosmetics, electronics, fragrances, jewellery, liquor and wines, and tobacco’ as stated via the Lime Grove website.
To put this into some perspective, being duty free, this means the goods sold via Lime Grove are on average between 20% and 40% cheaper than regular recommended retail prices. Then, make the most of Lime Grove and you can easily offset paying slightly more for groceries and still stand to make a saving. This is especially true when owning a holiday property in Barbados and spending the majority of the year in the UK.
The Language
Finally, one actually really important consideration when choosing a destination in which to buy a holiday home is the national language of a country.
Whilst arriving in a foreign country for a week’s holiday and dealing with a different language (and all the potential and often realised awkward moments and misunderstandings that can happen as a consequence of speaking a different language) is something holiday makers accept and are prepared to manage, when buying a home, even one in which to only spend vacation time, language matters a lot more.
After all, not being able to successfully communicate or converse in any depth with the people in the country where you purchase a property is only likely over time to leave a person, couple or family feeling alienated and alone. Fortunately, Barbados is an English speaking country and as such those looking to buy a holiday home abroad can enjoy the exotic culture, cuisine and climate the country has to offer without worrying too much about affending the locals of failing to make friends.