The huge and crowded city of Berlin is the gorgeous capital of Germany. This is a beautiful city that has seen and experienced a lot, its fate is amazing! In the end of the Cold War and the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, Berlin became the largest and the most prosperous cultural, touristic and financial centre of Europe. Over the past 20 years Berlin has changed more than any other European capital. Here you can see the ultra-modern buildings, ancient cathedrals and beautiful parks everywhere.

Berlin is visited by millions of tourists annually, and it really has many wonders to show. Furthermore, there live and work a lot of dynamic, creative and talented people. Berlin is a city with incredible energy! Do not forget about German cuisine and, of course, beer! Sausages, ham, steak and traditional cabbage – this is definitely a paradise for lovers of delicious and stodge meal. Berlin is a modern metropolis with architectural monuments of antiquity. One can find there everything he needs: fabulous shopping, spectacular sights, and new impressions, so book a hotel in Berlin and enjoy your stay!


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Brandenburg GateThe Brandenburg Gate is one of Berlin’s most visited attractions. Visiting Berlin you have to remember that most of it was destroyed during the war, so every historical monument is of great value. Brandenburg Gate is the symbol of Berlin as the Eiffel Tower for Paris or the Tower for London. It is the tallest building in the Paris Square of Berlin – its height exceeds 25 meters. Constructed on the model of the Acropolis in Athens, the Brandenburg Gate was built in 1791 during the reign of Friedrich Wilhelm II. The second title of the gate is the “Peace Gate”, their main decoration is a bronze statue of the goddess of peace Irene in a chariot. Fascinated by her beauty in 1806 Napoleon brought it to Paris, but soon the statue was returned to its original place. For several years it was a part of the Berlin Wall, but now they symbolize the reunification of East and West Berlin.

Berlin WallBerlin Wall

The Berlin Wall is a notorious construction of the last century. However, this is the place everyone must visit! The height of the Berlin Wall is more than 3 meters and the length is 160 kilometres. Surrounded by barbed wire just in one night it divided the entire country in two parts and destroyed millions of lives for 30 years. More than a thousand people were shot on the spot trying to cross the border. Fall of the Wall was the turning point in history and national holiday for Germany. Many pieces of the Berlin Wall are still sold at auction, and the cost of even small parts is close to thousands of Euro. Now the wall is constantly being reconstructed after marauders attacks, but, nevertheless, is of great interest to tourists, who are paving the special routes along the Berlin Wall, visiting the most interesting places.

Berlin CathedralReichstag

Berlin Cathedral looks so magical as if taken straight from a postcard. The building of the Cathedral impresses with its splendour and beauty. The construction of the Berlin Cathedral took 11 years (1984-1905). It had been assumed that the cathedral will be the main church of all European Lutherans, but its luxury and wealth were not inferior to the Catholic Churches. Outside the Berlin Cathedral there are stucco and sculptures, inside – marvellous paintings, stained glass and wooden ornaments. Steeped in history Cathedral offers stunning views of Berlin – its height is nearly 100 meters. The highlight of the Berlin Cathedral is the Organ created by the famous German master.

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