Cape Verde

Cape Verde is a republic in West Africa, washed by the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. In the country dominates mild and pleasant tropical climate that makes Cape Verde the African Caribbean. Indeed, the azure blue ocean with a rich marine life, making it a perfect place for scuba diving, sport fishing and diving, and gentle wind, which is here all the time making it an ideal place for windsurfing. The local harbor is a mostly submerged crater of an extinct volcano. Volcanoes, black sand, uninhabited islands are usual things in Cape Verde.

The archipelago consists of 10 large and 5 small islands, the capital is the island of Santiago, where is grown most food for the country and exotic fruits such as bananas, papayas, mangoes, dates, coconuts. In the mountains and valleys of the Cape Verde grow cypresses, pines, eucalyptus, almond, coconut and date palms. Cape Verde Islands were discovered in distant 1460. They were ruled by the Portuguese, used to be the Spanish colonies, and belonged to France.

Only in 1974 the country received hard-won independence, Cape Verde is now considered one of the safest countries in Africa. There are many remains of colonization times: architectural monuments, a magnificent mosaic of paving stones and colonial buildings.

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Sal IslandSal Island is a gorgeous island with incredibly white sand inflatable by winds from Africa and fabulous beaches. Mostly Sal looks like the moon’s surface. A lunar landscape is a distant echo of the raging here once majestic volcanoes. The craters of erupted volcanos are mined salt deposits, some used for medicinal purposes. There are thriving saline spa resorts and centres where you can take a hot salt bath, enriched with minerals. Also, it is wonderful just to walk there, breathing the healing health air.

Santa Maria MarketSanta Maria Market

The town Santa Maria is located on the Sal Island and is the second largest by population in Cape Verde. It is a lively town, with its characteristic flavour and atmosphere of Africa. Visit a local market where you will find amazing things, vivid and fragrant products, and strange souvenirs. Santa Maria is a friendly place with a vibrant nightlife. There are a huge number of bars, restaurants, cafes, clubs and entertainment centers where visitors are always welcome. In Santa Maria, there are often held festivities, with music and dancing. Not rich locals, mostly fishermen, make those parties for themselves, but are always happy when they are joined by tourists.


Monteverde is the highest point on the island of Sao Vicente, one of the main tourist towns of Cape Verde. The island has a developed infrastructure with beautiful beaches, bars and restaurants, but when you get tired of relaxing and lying on the beach, be sure to climb to the top of Monte Verde, a mountain with the height of 774 meters. Sao Vincente is the island of volcanoes and mountains. There are good roads and it is easy there to rent a bike, and even take a guide. The reward for climbing to the top will be for you a breathtaking view that opens from the mountain.

The fishing village of SalinasThe fishing village of Salinas

The fishing village Salinas is the treasure of the Island Fogo, the most troubled in Cape Verde due to seismic activity. The government evacuated the population in 1995, but the locals came back home, they simply got used to a dangerous volcano and are not afraid of it. Salinas is a rare place on the island of Fogo where there is an easy access to the sea. All local buildings and houses on the island are built of black volcanic stone, as well as paved the roads. The locals are very welcoming and kind, they are mainly fishermen, and their children make souvenirs or are the tourist guides.

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