Beautiful Croatia is a place where crosses European culture with the serenity of the Mediterranean. For centuries, Croatia had been influenced by multiple historical reshuffles of the domain. As a result, Croatia became a place where peacefully coexist and emphasize the beauty of each other Venetian palaces, Napoleonic forts, Roman columns, Slavic churches and Viennese mansions. Rich architectural and historical legacy are not the only sights in Croatia.

The country can boast its unrivalled ecology: the sea is tear drop clean, gorgeous pine trees provide fresh air, and the beaches are unbelievably clean. Many come here to enjoy the healing and rich on minerals springs – there are more than 20 in Croatia, and a unique therapeutic oil deposit. Another attraction is the mountains of course. The Alps stretch all along the coast, and they are a sheer wonderland with caverns, canyons, waterfalls and lakes.


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DubrovnikDubrovnik is definitely the city of unrivalled charm and historical attraction. The jewel of Dubrovnik is its old town where you submerge into ancient times exploring defensive walls, fortification towers, fortresses, and cannons. All that helped to defense the city in the Middle Ages. First 1.5m-thik defensive walls were built in the 9th century, and in the 14th and 15th , they were fortified with 15 forts the city became contained within a 2km long and 25m high stone barrier. Dubrovnik was a prosperous city 6 centuries ago – maritime trade was incredibly profitable. At those times, Dubrovnik could rival Venice by the level of its development.

Plitvice LakesPlitvice Lakes

One of the most popular destinations in Croatia is The National Park and Plitvice Lakes – one of the nature-made wonders of modern times. Sixteen lakes, connected with each other in a system and green forests around it form a significant and beautiful park. The lakes shimmer with all the shades of blue and green and lush forests are full of animals and birds: bears, wolves, owls and eagles. There you can ride a boat across the lake and watch thundering waterfalls and wooden bridges.

Diocletian's Palace in SplitSplit is the 2nd largest Croatian city, and its pearl and the main tourist attraction is Diocletian’s Palace. Built by the order of Roman emperor ancient palace became his home and fortress, where he spent his last years after retirement in AD 305. There are four colossal gates through which you can get into the palace complex. Inside there is a courtyard with the Cathedral of St. Domnius. It took 10 years to build the Palace and tons of lustrous white stone, marble, and sphinxes from Egypt.

hvar townHvar Town

A blissful and picturesque town of Hvar is certainly a must visit place in Croatia. Centuries ago it used to be a pretty fishing harbor and a fortress, but nowadays Hvar is a popular tourist destination with excellent infrastructure, full of yachters, water sports lovers, and celebrities. Nature and everything around looks fairy: olive groves, lavender fields, and gardens resembling the one of Eden – Hvar is a beautiful and luxurious place.

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