Cuba For Photography

Photography is very much a fine art. It requires knowledge in a lot of areas like exposure, lighting, angles etc. An aspect like the destination is something that not everyone can control. For those who can, the scenic setting of Cuba might be a good place to start. The scenic settings in and around Cuba are amazingly picturesque and it is the perfect setting for beginners to grow and learn. The weather is amazing as well and is constantly carrying so that you can capture the exact same shots and view the difference for yourself. You can live a holiday lifestyle and acquire amazing skills. So where do you start?

Well we recommend you check out the Cuban Photo Tours blog by Louis Alarcon. Louis is a professional photographer who has been residing in Havana, Cuba since 1998 and he has great information regarding the Do’s & Don’ts of photography when you are in the country. Learn some invaluable tips & tricks about how to maximize the use of an electronic shutter, bad weather etc. You will have a reason for getting out and exploring even on cloudy days. Louis conducts numerous workshop and in around Havana.

Cuba view

A workshop would be an amazing way to meet like minded people and the competition will only help increase your skill further. A collaborative environment is great for leaning. You can compare your work during the workshop, after the workshop and also review other images to see what mistakes have been made and rectify them. Chasing perfection just got much simpler and more exciting. Louis’s workshops are all not work as well he incorporates the best of the cultural elements that the country has to offer like sports, dancing, music etc. Are you excited yet?

cuba sea view

If you are then there are some pointers about the most important things to consider if you do decide to take up these photo tour opportunities. Things like forgetting to remove sunglasses and hiding behind the camera can put the person you are trying to photograph in a very uncomfortable situation. Also trying the capture the same option from different vantage points and angles to find an even better shot to what you thought was already perfect. All these things and more you will learn through these workshops.

Don’t miss the chance to take photographs in amazing places like La Punta which is an iconic setting in Havana where the esplanade meets Avenida Prado, and the Vinales Valley during the early hours of the morning. Photography requires passion and you need a professional that exudes that. So browse around the Cuban Photo Tours website and obtain some more information about the photo tours available and when you can go. The standard workshops last a duration of 8 days and 7 nights. There are one day options available too. So now might be the time to book an amazing holiday to Cuba and being extremely productive at the same. Experience the rich Cuban lifestyle, their people and their culture through your own eyes as well as through a lens.