Delights Of Dubai: Top 18 Original Night Clubs For Fun

Dubai is a right place, where you can find a good rest at night and during the day. You have a chance to visit local bars and night clubs, in spite of Arabian traditions and strictness of the laws. Actually, the choice of night entertainments is wide in Dubai, attractively setting this city apart from others.

Most of Dubai clubs are situated in the beach zone, in the area of Zayed Road. The other part of the popular night clubs are obviously situated at the hotels, where tourists live. Do not forget about open-air bars: they are situated along the beach, giving an opportunity to admire the beautiful city and nature sights.

clubs Dubai

Actually, the choice is wide – there are many traditional European night clubs with the loyal entertainment standards about the alcohol drinks menu. You can also try something unusual, like specific Arabian clubs with the local color.


Abaya Night Club and Al Dalia
These are the most popular night clubs all over the city. The hot lovers of Arabian color, traditional music and bright Eastern dances can see the true value of these establishments. Beautifully decorated halls make the intriguing atmosphere for you and your companions. You can relax and spend a great time, enjoying the pleasant Arabian music, specific cuisine and atmosphere.

There are few clubs in Dubai, where you can see the combination of traditional Arabian atmosphere and European standards. KASBAR is one of them: ancient and modern Arabian themes in the club interior, beautiful music, pub, billiards, dance floor – everything is attractive here at night.

Buddha Bar and New Asia
There are many clubs in Dubai, where Thai culture is attractively represented. The most popular of them is New Asia. Both of these establishments equipped with the statues of Buddha, making the club atmosphere charming and elegant. You can hear the pleasant melodies, enjoying tasty food and drinks: Buddha Bar offers the big number of original dishes of the eastern culture and a sushi bar, New Asiaoffers the great number of drinks – more than 100 cocktails are waiting for your visit.

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This is the usual thing, when you meet a club, carefully decorated with Asian and European interior styles. Alpha is one of the most original night establishments, situated in the Greek restaurant rooms: antic interior, chic atmosphere, VIP-zone, roomy dance floor and cozy terraces are considered to be the best in the city.

This is an interesting night club, where you can enjoy Latin rhythms, driving Brazil dances, tasty wines and beautiful city views. Do you like cocktails? – Try the testiest of them in Calabar, offering a wide choice of music styles, drinks and meals. Frankly speaking, this place is very popular among youth in Dubai.


Cavalli Club
There are tourists, who prefer visiting European night clubs. There are many worthy establishments that are popular to visit among the local youth and elite guests. Cavalli Club is a kingdom of chic, glamour and elite atmosphere. According to its name, the club is perfectly decorated: branded textiles, chic furniture, interesting flooring and Swarovski stones everywhere around. The tale atmosphere is filling up with the stylish music and Italian delicacies.

Armani club
Armani club cannot win the challenging competition between two interesting European establishments: Armani club and Cavalli club. Nevertheless, the atmosphere is also unique here, though, the place is also popular. This is a unique night club, situated just at the biggest building in the world Burj Khalifa. The interior of this building is more than interesting: dark colors, contrast lights and walls pictures.

armani club

Club “400”
This place is also very popular among tourists and locals. Many people call this place as a glamorous cubbish set, making a real difference over the similar night establishments. The key point of this night club is not cuisine, music or interior decorations, but dressing. All visitors and guests try to demonstrate their stylish dressing in the best way during the evening. Frankly speaking, this is the most expensive club in Dubai – a place for new meetings and bright impressions.

N’Dulge can be also named as an interesting place, popular with its baroque style, high-quality music, interesting lightning and well-dressed public.

MIX, Elegantе and ATLANTIS
It is time to speak about the biggest night clubs in Dubai. MIX, Elegantе and ATLANTIS are the most best-selling of them. For example, more than 1000 people can stay at the dancing hall of ATLANTIS all together. Elegante contains more than 1300 people, MIX – about 2000. If you are looking for the elegant atmosphere, stylish guests, different music, popular DJs form all over the world – welcome to these places to get some fresh emotions.

This is the unique place, where you can listen to rock concerts and have fun in the crowd of rock funs.

It can happen that you want to have a good rest in a cozy atmosphere. AMY’S KEY CLUB is the most suitable place for you then. Pay attention to this fact – you can come in just if you are a club member. There is a variant to book a place beforehand, paying for entrance ticket more than 60 DH.

If you like resting in specific places, pay attention to GARAGE CLUB and SCREAM. Do not look for a cozy tables and armchairs – there are many bus and car chairs instead. SCREAM club has a specifically-decorated interior – industrial thematic is everywhere. Both of these clubs are characterized as the places, having attractive music for people of all ages and interests.
So, you can see that night life in Dubai can be also interesting and impressive. What makes your trip more comfortable in the day time? – Of course, you should  rent a car of any category. This is not the rule, but a comfortable tradition, making your more than ordinary tourist, but special giest. If you want to try something romantic at night – welcome to beach clubs in the open air. All of them are interesting to visit, offering to watch after the peaceful sea views and modern music. Actually, the choice is yours! The range of nigh entertainments for adults and young people is really wide in Dubai. Thus, everyone can find the best rest in the world according to your tastes and requirements.

Author Bio: Lily Berns is a travel writer. She tries to find the best and brightest things to do, while you travel in different cities of the world.