Grenada is a large island surrounded by a small group of six islands in the southeast Caribbean. Spanish admiral was struck by its resemblance to the Spanish province of Andalusia. The island reminded the traveler of Granada, there from derives the island’s name. Grenada is a charming volcanic island with coral reefs, convenient bays, secluded beaches, and waterfalls. Tropical forests are everywhere there and it is full of mountain lakes and boiling springs.

The mild tropical climate and golden sands, regular festivals and celebrations attract tourists from around the world. The most beautiful beach of the island is Grand Anse Beach which is only 4 km from the capital, St. George’s. In the northern part of the beach, there is a small market, offering fruit, spices and handicrafts. Grenada is well known as the spice island; there you can buy excellent herbs.

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Underwater Sculpture ParkUnderwater Sculpture Park is a unique sunken gallery at Moliniere Bay. The park is located near the capital St. George’s and is definitely a great place to spend a day. This park attracts divers from all over the world and is the pride of Grenada. The sculptures are works of art which are figures of people, locals and children in full growth. You can enjoy exposure diving with scuba, snorkeling, or taking a glass bottom boat. Select the day with sunshine and dive under the water – you are guaranteed to enjoy a visit to the most unique and unusual gallery in the world.

Belmont EstateBelmont Estate is a plantation of spices which is 300 years old and is still working. The main product of the plantations is cocoa, but there are also grown cinnamon, bay leaf, ginger and high-quality nutmeg and cloves. Visiting the plantation Belmont Estate you will learn how to grow fragrant cocoa, the main ingredient in the production of chocolate. There are told interesting stories about the centuries-old spice production on the island. You can stroll through the gardens where grow spices under the gentle sun of Grenada, inhaling aromas of exotic herbs and have a delicious lunch right at the Belmont Estate.

Grand Anse BeachGrand Anse Beach

Grand Anse Beach is for sure the most attractive beach in Grenada. There grow sea grapes and coconut palms, making this place look like a paradise garden. Grand Anse Beach is a place with three kilometres of golden sand, gentle surf, the magnificent colours of the sea and the wonderful restaurants. This beach with its shallow and calm waters is perfect for pleasant swimming. Near the beach, there is the spice market, where you can buy fragrant bags with spices, fresh cocoa and souvenirs.

St. GeorgeSt. George’s

Small but beautiful St. George’s is one of the most beautiful cities in the Caribbean, which is required to attend. St. George’s is a port city, there are many ships and boats, on busy streets sellers trade spices and crafts, and overall there are beautifully coloured buildings with tiled roofs. Visit Fort George, one of the main city sights. From there you will discover a magnificent view of the city. Also, be sure to visit one of the restaurants in the capital with excellent local cuisine and then stroll through the beautiful streets, inhaling the fresh breeze of one of the most beautiful port cities in the Caribbean.

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