Maldives is the place for unhurried relaxation, celebrating life and enjoying paradise scenery all around you. It’s an island country in the Indian Ocean somewhere southwest of India far away from the bustle of the big cities. Maldives are a group of more than 1 000 coral islands with only 200 inhabited ones. Eighty more are tourist resorts, which are 800 by 200 metres in size, each having “house reef” with beautiful corals and a nature-made swimming pool, where guests of the hotel are safe from the ocean waves.

Maldives is the smallest and sparsely populated country in Asia with friendly and smiling locals, white sand beaches and magical weather. Maldives Islands are perfect for tourists, who love upscale luxury beach vacation.  Millions of people come here annually to enjoy the best beaches in the world, seeking for a tropical getaway. Tired of massage and exotic fruits one can dive or snorkel in the clear waters enjoying astonishing coral walls, caves and bright tropical fish inhabiting reef. Enjoy it, book a hotel in Maldives right now!



Bluetribe Moofushi is a very special place – come here to enjoy blue waters and marine life. It’s a paradise for water sports lovers. Riding catamaran, snorkelling, diving, kayaking, windsurfing and many other things are waiting for you here. Bluetribe Moofushi is a must-see place in the Maldives. It is an island with snow white sand, surrounded by heaven blue lagoons. In the clear waters of centre you can meet sharks, huge turtles, and even octopus. This center has been operating for many years and proudly offers excellent service. Bluetribe Moofushi is a first class diving center according to professional divers!

Male Fish Market

fish market

Magical Male is the capital of the Maldives. Formerly a city of ancient royal dynasties, surrounded by walls, gates and fortifications, it used to be called “the King’s Island” and it really is. This lively and incredible city is very different from the rest of laid-back Maldives. Only in Male you can see real Maldives, with its rich colour buildings, well-known fish and local markets. Here is sold delicious tuna, lobster and other exotic inhabitants of the watery world. Male Fish Market is one of the biggest in the world! Come early and watch the ships being unloaded across the street.

Banana Reef

banana reefBanana Reef is one of the best diving places on Earth with rich marine life, clear waters and corals. Having the shape of a banana and extending 3 hundred meters from north to south, Banana Reef can boast of rich and fairytale marine life. Here is a plenty of different colour and size rare fish and water predators, including jackfish, morays, Napoleon wrasse and blue-striped snapper, dramatic cliffs, gorgeous corals – Banana Reef is perfect for snorkelling.


Old Friday Mosque

Old Friday MosqueOld Friday Mosque is an ancient mosque, oldest on the island. Its interior is beautiful: coral stone walls, fascinating carvings, and chiselled Arabic scripts. The staff working there are mainly officials of the ministry and getting in is not allowed to everyone – you should be appropriately dressed and show respect. The ancient squat minaret belonging to the Old Friday Mosque is almost 400 years old. Nearby there is an old cemetery with graves of former sultans.