Milan is a beautiful city, the second largest in Italy and the most populous. This is a city with an incredibly beautiful architecture, unique and unrepeatable. Milan Metro is the best in the country and one of the most beautiful in the world. The city is famous for its bustling and diverse secular and night life: it is the world capital of fashion, the birthplace of the empires Armani and Versace, and the place where chic events are held regularly. Milan is also a gastronomic center of divine Italian cuisine, and paradise for fine red and white wine lovers.

Like Rome, the ancient city of Milan was founded in VI-V century BC. Several times Milan was the capital of the Roman Empire, having a strategically important location. The majestic and magnificent buildings of Milan were erected 8-10 centuries ago, and their beauty and scale are staggering! Today Milan is a business and industrial centre of Italy. Here, for many years have been thriving corporations like “Pirelli” and “Alfa Romeo”. A huge amount of industrial and art exhibitions, fashion shows and festivals is held annually. Book a hotel in Milan and explore the beauty of Milan!


Milan DuomoMilan Duomo, it is also called the Cathedral of the Virgin Mary, made in the elegant Gothic style is the pride and a visiting card of Milan. Cathedral leaves no one indifferent; its majestic beauty amazes imagination. The roof is topped with 135 spires and 2,245 marble sculptures adorn the building. Milan Cathedral can accommodate a record number of people in the cathedral having more than 40,000 seats. It is located on the main square of Milan and all the old streets of Milan meet there. The cathedral, which was being built for more than 600 centuries, from 14th to 19th, has no equal rivals in beauty. This is the best example of magnificent Gothic structure in the world. The interior of the Duomo is striking in its beauty: the exquisite stained glass windows, the figure of Saint Bartholomew, tall columns, ceilings and arches – a solemn atmosphere here takes you to magnificent centuries.

La Scala

La ScalaLa Scala is the most famous opera house in the world. For more than three centuries the richest and the greatest people of the world have been enjoying the operas. La Scala is luxury and grandeur in every detail. Velvet, mouldings, mirrors and gilding, extremely expensive costumes and the best artists of the world – this is what the audience comes for. The façade of La Scala is quite unremarkable – it was built very quickly for the local nobility. When the Milan Theater burned down, the Italian aristocrats yearned for spectacles and shows, urging the architect and the construction process. However, the interior is of striking beauty, as well as there is an excellent acoustics, the secret of the creation of which is still not solved.

Station Ingrosso (Centro Moda Milano)

Station IngrossoMilan Fashion Centre is the Station Ingrosso, the informal and unofficial district of fashion. Crowds of shoppers and fashion fans wander for hours through the small streets of Ingrosso area where there are concentrated hundreds of wholesale and discount clothing stores, boutiques of young designers, haute couture and showrooms.

Here you can easily stumble upon a shop selling amazing clothes at fantastic discounts. If the purpose of your visit to Milan is shopping – Ingrosso is the place you need to go first.