The Republic of Panama is washed by the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean and is proud of its beautiful beaches and coral reefs. This is one of the best places for scuba diving, surfing and snorkeling – a true paradise for water sports lovers. In Panama, there is lush green vegetation almost everywhere, as well as exotic flowers, tropical forests and magnificent nature. Once there lived Indian tribes with their unique culture and beliefs. In 1502, on the sands of Panama had stepped Columbus.

Since then there began a new era in the life of the country. At the beginning of 1903, there was built the Panama Canal, the construction of which has changed the world forever, and has had an enormous influence on the development of navigation and the economy in the whole world. Panama is a country of superb coffee, sweet bananas and delicious shrimp. Since millennium the country’s rapidly developing tourism, every year it is visited by millions of people.


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Panama CanalUndoubtedly, the Panama Canal is one of the main attractions of the country. Its role in the history of the world has been fatal – it is the longest (80 km) and most loaded waterway in the world. Although the canal was built on the orders of the top of the United States, it became the reason for the 90-year struggle for independence, which was won by Panama in 1999. The Canal is a modern wonder of the world, connecting the Pacific Coast to the Atlantic. The channel passes through rivers and swamps, and it is surrounded by pristine jungle. Admire the channel from Panama City, near the walls of the locks of Miraflores, where there opens a wonderful view. The Canal area is replete with many attractions: an environmental observatory, hanging trails, sanctuary island, a campus, a huge artificial lake and national park.

Casco ViejoCasco Viejo

Now Casco Viejo is the ancient ruins of the once beautiful city, the birthplace of modern Panama. It is located south-west of the capital, on a small peninsula. The city was built in the early 16th century, but after 100 years, in 1671, it was burned and looted by the evildoing those days pirates led by Captain Morgan. Nevertheless, the city has been renovated and there is really a lot to see. The City gives you a vision of how looked like the colonial architecture of Central America 500 years ago. The treasure of the old district is the Church of San Jose with a golden altar, untouched by the pirates. By the legend, there lived a wise priest who had smeared the altar with soot and the Pirates simply didn’t notice it. From Casco Viejo opens a magnificent view on the skyscrapers of Panama City.

Panama Inter oceanic Canal MuseumPanama Interoceanic Canal Museum

This magnificent museum has a simulation of the captain bridge, where you can stand at the helm of the cargo ship where everything vibrates and makes a noise. And definitely, it is one of the main attractions of Panama. There you get a lot of interesting information about the history of the construction, operation of the canal and about Panama in general. Also, it is worth noting the excellent adjacent museum dedicated to the construction of the canal. The Panama Interoceanic Canal Museum is very detailed, there are several stories, and, of course, an observation deck facing the canal. All you want to know about the Canal is presented in the exhibits. The museum is very informative, there you will see the whole history of how the canal was built, which tools and units were used. Panama Canal is a marvel of engineering and the Canal Museum shows it really well!

Calzada de AmadorCalzada de Amador

La Calzada de Amador or the Amador Causeway is the most romantic place in Panama. This two-kilometre road is lined with beautiful palm trees and surrounded by water on both sides. Dam connects four islands of Naos, Culebra, Perico and Flamenco with the mainland. This magnificent place will forever remain in your heart. You can be rented bikes, or you can just walk or jog, enjoying the breeze, the evening sun, as well as just sit on a bench and admire the fabulous views. In the evening, walk to the end of the dam near the island of Flamenco. There are numerous cafes, hovers aroma of Mediterranean cuisine and plays wonderful music.

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