Riga is the capital city of Latvia and it is the largest city not only of Latvia but also of Baltic countries.
The city was founded in 1201 on the crossroads of trade routes and between two parts of the world – Europe and Asia. Riga is a multicultural city and although the people of Riga have always been friendly and tolerant, they had to defend their homeland against many conquerors from Poland, Sweden, Russia and Germany who wanted to take control of the city, strategically located along the Baltic Sea! So, many medieval castles and fortifications can be found inside and outside the city!
Riga is famous for its unique Art Nouveau architecture and its historic centre was declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997. You can book one of the hotels right in Old Town of Riga and enjoy its magnificent and unique architecture!


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Freedom MonumentFreedom Monument

  • Location: Old Riga
  • Built: November 18, 1935
  • Height: 42 metres
  • Materials: granite, cooper
  • Designed: by Karlis Zale
  • Architect: Ernests Shtalbergs

If it is your first trip to Riga, then you should go to Riga’s Old Town – the pearl of Riga! We do not recommend that you go far away from Old Town, unless you are with someone local or someone who knows the town well because you can easily get lost!
The first tourist attraction you should visit is The Freedom Monument!
The Freedom Monument is a memorial of Latvian striving for independence, unity of Latvians and memory of fallen soldiers in World War I. This monument represents freedom and unity of Latvian people, it was built in 1935 and financed by private donations – by people.

Latvian National OperaLatvian National Opera

The building of Latvian National Opera was constructed in 1863 as Riga German Theatre, but later it was reconstructed and refurbished many times, when finally it became home for Latvian National Opera in 1919 after World War I. Today it is home not only to Latvian National Opera, but also to Latvian National Ballet. There are more than 200 performances during the season. It is a great idea to buy tickets and have some great time!

Riga CathedralRiga Cathedral

There are more places to visit – the largest medieval church in the Baltic States, Riga Cathedral. The Cathedral is one of the main attractions in Riga and it is more than 800 years old!
Blackheads House was built in 1334 and it was a building of Blackheads guild (German merchants).
800 year old St Peter’s Church is 123 meters height and one of the oldest medieval buildings in Baltic!
We advise you to get Riga guided tour, so you could experience all the Riga’s beauties!

boat tripBoat trip

After walking through narrow streets of Vecriga (Old Riga), you can take a relaxing and peaceful boat tour! You will explore Riga from absolutely different angle. Also, you could take some beautiful pictures of the city!
Choose from different types of boats! You can also rent a small pedal boat just for two people or a row boat.

Seaside resort JurmalaSeaside resort Jurmala

We highly recommend that you visit Latvian seaside resort – Jurmala! It is only 30 minutes drive from the city centre and it offers you an unforgettable and peaceful atmosphere! Jurmala is famous for its beaches, clean forest air, friendly restaurants and bars! The restaurants offer a great variety of food: traditional for Baltic States and other cuisines – Russian, Ukrainian, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese. It is a great idea to visit Jurmala in summer, when you can enjoy warm sun and Baltic Sea water! You can take a yacht or boat and have a great time drinking a chilled bottle of great Latvian beer or you can spend some of your time in water park “Livu”!
You will definitely love Jurmala, its unique architecture, culture, food, seaside air and friendly atmosphere! You will want to come back to Jurmala again and again!