The great State of Samoa is located in the Pacific Ocean and consists of a group of islands. There are only 4 of them inhabited – two large ones Savaii and Upolu, and two small islands – Manono and Apolima. If you speak English you will feel quite comfortable in Samoa, it is one of the state languages. One of the attractions of the archipelago is the Matavanu active volcano.

Samoa is full of gorgeous mountains, rivers, waterfalls, caves and lava rocks. The mountain slopes are covered with tropical rainforest with valuable types of wood and large leaf trees with fragrant flowers. There grow giant banyans, rare ferns, and orchids. On the coast, you will find plantations of coconut palms, banana and cocoa. About 30% of the fauna is not found anywhere else in the world. Interestingly, the locals still live in traditional huts without walls, covered with leaves of the coconut palm.

Houses of European type and the usual infrastructure with offices and small businesses you will find only in the capital, Apia, inhabited by no more than 35 000 people. A separate theme is the magnificent beaches of Samoa. There are wild beaches, where you can stay all alone. Currently, Samoa is ideal for those ones looking for a relaxing, quiet holiday.


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ApiaApia is a harbour town on the island of Upolu and is the only city in Samoa. From the waves and wind there protect the ridges and the elongated cape. And although the city is a lot like the usual tourist town with shopping centres, banks, and rare office buildings, it still has the charm of an unspoiled world. One of the Apia’s attractions is a flea market, where you are sure to discover real treasures and buy them for a couple of coins. There is also a fish market, where you can buy fresh seafood directly from the hands of the fishermen. The interesting feature of Apia is a Police Parade which is held each morning, as well as raising flags and singing the national anthem by locals, not only in the street but also at the workplace. Not far from Apia there lived and created the legendary writer – Robert Louis Stevenson.

Robert Louis Stevenson MuseumRobert Louis Stevenson Museum

The Robert Louis Stevenson Museum, named after the great writer, is a villa Vailima, situated 4 km from the capital of Samoa. There he and his wife Fanny spent four wonderful years, until his death in 1894 from tuberculosis. Unfortunately, the magical climate of Samoa didn’t help the writer to recover, but there he managed to become a national hero of Samoa, fighting for the rights of local residents. He is still much respected and remembered in Samoa, many streets and restaurants have his name. The tomb of the writer is resting on a mountain with a beautiful view, there lead two picturesque trails.

Lake LanotoLake Lanoto’o

The second name of the lake is “the Lake of the goldfish”, and it has the name due to objective reasons. The lake is located near the capital of Samoa, and many years ago it was adored by the colonizers, considering it the best place on the islands for picnics and romantic dates. The entire social life of those times took place not far from the lake. In the waters of the lake splash lovely goldfish that happily swim to the shore, in the hope that you feed them. Lake Lanoto’o is very deep, and no one investigated its bottom. To the lake leads a narrow path and it can be reached only on foot. There from is perfectly visible a magnificent waterfall of Papapai-uta.

To Sua Ocean TrenchTo Sua Ocean Trench

To Sua Ocean Trench is located in the village of Lotofaga, on the southern coast of the Upolu Island. The pool Sua is an oceanic trench with the depth of about 30 meters down. In fact, it’s a hole in the ground on the volcanic island of Samoa. To the water, there leads a steep staircase, by which you can go down to the tropical fish and crystal clear natural pool. This 300-meter hole appeared in the result of a volcano eruption. To Sua Ocean Trench is in the top of 25 the most beautiful natural pools in the world. Virgin magnificent nature around is a great place for an unforgettable picnic.

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