Owing to its strategic location in the center of Korean Peninsula Seoul has been the capital for more than 600 years and is one of the most unusual and exciting cities in the world. It’s not only the hub of the Northeast Asia, it’s a place where incredibly meet future ant the past, astonishing tourists coming for exotics. Nowadays Seoul is a sprawling metropolis where live and work more than 10 million people. It is a city of contrast!

There you can observe a fascinating mix of ancient traditions and vast nightlife districts. Buddhist temples and skyscrapers, traditional markets, unseen architecture and cutting-edge technology – come here to see something so different from anything you have seen before. The sights here are countless and the food is delicious. In Seoul you can try crispy pancakes with different fillings or a famous crab soup at the Fish Market. Seoul is a 24-hour city, so book a hotel in Seoul, visit and love it!


War Memorial of KoreaThe War Memorial of Korea is the largest and the most magnificent in the world. Completing its exhibits took years and there was carried out the enormous work and done an exhaustive research by thousands of specialists. Everything in the War Memorial shows how the Korean military developed with years. There are exhibited different kinds of weapons and equipment used by military over the centuries. In the Memorial’s Storage room there are presented and kept safe more than 17,800 exciting the imagination files and rare artifacts of war.

Gyeongbokgung palace

GyeongbokgungAt the times of the Joseon Dynasty family reign (1392-1910) it used to be the main residence of the royal court. The English for Gyeongbokgung is “Palace of Shining Happiness”, and indeed it is. The area it takes is impressive – 495,000 m2! Gyeongbokgung Palace also includes the so called ‘Geunjeongjeon’, which was the main hall where official ceremonies were held and the ‘Gyeonghoeru’, where were given banquettes for diplomatic guests of the city. Inside a beautiful pond strewn with flower petals there is a man-made island. Gyeongbokgung palace, the second name of which is “Northern Palace” is considered to be one of 5 the most beautiful and gorgeous palaces in Seoul.

Namdaemun Market

NamdaemunNamdaemun Market is open 24/7 and this is not just a market, this is a place where you can find anything you can imagine. There is an endless sprawl of shops and stalls there, taking you in the days of the ancient East. The tourists are attracted to Namdaemun Market not only because of the stuff they can buy. One of the main attractions of Namdaemun Market is a huge selection of national food that you can try: mandu gook, dumpling soup, traditional pancakes or bindae duk. Namdaemun Market is Korea’s greatest marketplace, loved not only by shoppers, but sightseers as well, it’s the best place to buy souvenirs and enjoy a perfect Korean dinner.

Namsan and N Seoul Tower

Mt. Namsan and N Seoul Tower

Mt. Namsan is the mountain in the heart of Seoul. At the top of Mt. Namsan there is a famous Seoul Tower, marine aquarium, and on the way up there are the Namsan Library, fountain, and beautiful like nothing on earth bewitching botanical garden.

The view opening from there is breathtaking, the height of the mountain is 265m and the Seoul Tower is 479m above sea level. This is the best place to enjoy Seoul night view with its neon signs, lights and Incheon’s harbour.