Multicultural and magical Taipei is the capital of Taiwan, founded in the 18th century. Its history is exciting and unusual. Here meet different infusions of Asian, European and American cultures, Taipei is truly global and diverse like no other city on earth. After years of struggle for independence and democracy it became an autonomous government within the Republic of China.

Nowadays Taipei City is a modern and energetic metropolis, commercial and cultural center of Taiwan with skyrocketing infrastructure. But still, Taiwan’s capital, which is also called “The City of Smiles”, has hundreds of ancient temples, traditional markets and beautiful parks with hot springs. It’s a mix of urban and natural wonders. The night life of Taipei will strike you with its exuberance and unusualness: neon lights, chaotic fun, tasty snacks and gourmet restaurants are waiting for you here! To enjoy all Taipei’s exciting activities, you will probably need to book a hotel!

National Palace Museum

National Palace Museum

Definitely one of the most visited destinations in Taipei and is considered to be one of the most popular and well-known museums in the world. The amount of Chinese artifacts, relicts and treasures there is countless. By visiting this museum you will learn everything you wanted to know about rich Taiwanese and Chinese culture, history and traditions which developed through an 8 000 years period. For building the National Palace Museum was chosen the style of an authentic Chinese palace. The treasures were brought there by a twist of fate from China. National Palace Museum is a must-see place for everyone visiting mysterious and stepped in history Taiwan.

Longshan Temple

Longshan TempleBuilt in 1738 by Fujianese immigrants gorgeous Longshan Temple is surrounded by protective dragons, which are everywhere in the front and central hall. Inside there is a plafond and a shrine which are more than just worth a look, they are amazing. The Longshan Temple was built to honour Guanshiyin Buddha. The Temple is surrounded by huge traditional day and night markets, delicious street food and Asian wonders. Being there visit Huaxi Street Night Market, which is world-known for its unbelievable snake alley.

Taipei 101

Taipei 101From 2004 to 2010 Taipei 101 was proudly called the tallest in the world and it’s a well-known emblem of Taiwan. Looking like a bamboo stalk Taipei skyscraper has 101 floors. The floors from 89th to 91st are open for tourists, from there opens a spectacular view at beautiful Taipei. Inside the Taipei 101 there is a huge shopping mall with branded goods, souvenirs and multiple entertainments. Nearby there is a Zhongxiao East Road, the Taiwan “Broadway”, with fashionable boutiques and exquisite restaurants.

Taipei Zoo

Taipei ZooTaipei Zoo is referred to the largest in Asia and is undoubtedly a great place to enjoy the wildlife and flora of Taiwan. In the Zoo live hundreds of animals, birds, snakes and insects. There you can meet not only traditional for Asia pandas and koalas, there feel like home and live representatives of African, Tropical and Australian wild life. In Taipei Zoo lives 1 of the 2 giant pandas in the world. The size and diversity of Taiwanese Zoo strike imagination! This is not just a zoo – it is a real animal city. There is even a tram for the visitors with a recorded guide. Taipei Zoo is a great place to enjoy the Taiwanese nature!