Small Uruguay has always lived in the shadow of its more famous neighbors like Brazil and Argentina though it has so much to show to the world! And finally, its time has come. Uruguay is the smallest country in South America, with a size equal to Oklahoma. But still it has so much to offer, like stability, safety, rich culture, gorgeous nature and worth seeing sights.

Uruguay’s pearls are: the capital Montevideo – cosmopolitan and energetic; Colonia – beautiful and romantic; and, of course, Punta del Este – a paradise for clubbers and party-lovers. The picturesque nature of Uruguay will strike you with its sprawling Atlantic coast beaches, hot springs, horse-riding and vast fields.

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CasapuebloLocated 15km from Punta del Este there is a mind-blowing villa and extraordinary art gallery of a famous Uruguayan artist Carlos Páez Vilaró – Casapueblo. The villa has five rooms, all demonstrating artist’s lifestyle and his passion for travels. Also, there you can watch a video full of interesting stories about Carlos Páez Vilaró’s life and learn about Uruguayan culture. Upstairs you will find a cafeteria with a spectacular view facing the ocean. Carlos built this house as a tribute to his son, who had luckily survived in a charter flight crash in the Andes Mountains in 1972.

teatro solisTeatro Solís is the oldest theatre in Uruguay. Built in 1856 it has very elegant and splendid architecture, as well as superb acoustics. Theatre Solis has been restored and looks gorgeous waiting for guests wearing evening dresses and suits. There were performing Enrico Caruso and Carlos Gardel, and hundreds of other stars. Also, it’s possible to visit the theatre and go behind the scenes without attending a show. There are organized regularly scheduled tours in Spanish, Portuguese and English languages.

Mercado del PuertoMercado del Puerto

Montevideo’s old port market building is an outstanding sight of the capital which is well worth visiting. This is the place where there hang out people of different arts and street musicians. Initially, it was planned to be a train station, but due to some reasons it ended up as a lively market full of craft stalls, shops, restaurants and aroma of grilled on open fire meats. You can buy here great souvenirs and rare things enjoying the atmosphere of a 130-year-old market. Mercado del Puerto was built in 1885 and it’s still working and unites people of all social classes.

Palacio SalvoPalacio Salvo

The construction of Palacio Salvo ended up in 1928. Its architecture impresses and mesmerizes – Italian golden age Gothic style with infusions of neo-romanticism. Palacio Salvo used to be the tallest building in South America, and still this is a place where from opens a fantastic view of the city. Visitors can go up the palace simply by taking an elevator. This Palace is very special – it’s not a plain tourist attraction, this is a building with furnished apartments which can be rented!

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